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We are proud to say that we are partnering with 2 The Max to provide our very own In-House Performance (IHP)  training for our 13's-16's club teams starting with the 2016/2017 club season. 


A Brief History: 

Jake McComis (owner of 2 The Max) was referred to us by one of our 13's parents whose daughter not only played for us, but was also working on acceleration, balance, explosiveness, coordination, decelleration, power, etc. at this other facility.  I had to go see for myself what this place was all about.  Shortly after, I took my 14's team there for a a brief 2 hour supplemental training (always good to get out of the gym towards the end of a long season).  I was sold, begun my own personal training sessions, encouraged our younger age group coaches to suplement their training by giving Jake a try and the rest is history! This is an amazing opportunity for our athletes & club!


Investing in Athletes:
As soon as we signed the contract for the upcoming club season, we immediately made an investment into our athletes, facility & future training sessions by purchasing 6 sets of TRX suspension training harnesses, exercise balls, foam rollers, 3 levels of resistance bands for lower body balance, conditioning & performance!  The equipment is already being tested by summer series athletes to prepare them for fall try-outs!


Upcoming Opportunities:

To kick off this partnership, Jake is offering 4 individual & small group sessions for athletes at ATC for grades 6-8 & 9-12.  Here's your chance to give 2 The Max a test run, become familiar with various equipment at ATC (including TRX suspension training) and see what we have to offer! Dates to chose from include: July 10th/17th & August 7th/14th (Grades 6-8 are 6-6:45pm) (grades 9-12 are 7-7:45pm). Cost is $35 per session or 4 for $100.  To sign-up online, please visit:




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A huge congrats to ALL Adversity-Wisconsin VBC teams on the best club season ever since our inaugural debut in 2009/2010.  Our club goal is for all teams to peak (technically produce the best results of the year) in April, May & June when it matters most! This can be a challenge with extended seasons, graduations, injuries & line-up adaptations, past experience at nationals, etc. 


I am proud to say our athletes, coaches & their families faced & overcame many challenges and obstacles on their way to producing The Best Post-Season Results & Final Finishes as a club in our short 7 years history! Super Regional results. Sports Performance Youth Classic & Mizuno Pre-National final finishes.  Your 2016 AAU National results are listed here


Congrats as your dedication, hard work & perseverance truly paid off!

We have had multiple area businesses that have been instrumental in supporting area athletes, our club and our very own training center (ATC)!  These generous groups have invested considerable amounts of time and/or resources to help

us get off the ground running. All contributions aid in the overall development of various instructional programs offered by Adversity-Wisconsin VBC.  We are honored to put these current sponsors in the SPOTLIGHT

Please visit the sponsor opportunities tab to the left to view our current sponsors!


For more information on how you can sponsor, please contact Dave Pauers at 262-707-1003 (email under staff bios).

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For years, parent feedback has suggested we increase the training at the younger ages to allow our athletes and their coaches the opportunity to develop skills & train using the specific drills and challenges that have proven successful with the 14 & Up teams (most concepts & philosophies tested time and time again against some of the top teams in the state).


For the 2015-2016 club season, we have implemented the 2nd Annual Progressive Skill Training (PST) under the Adversity-Wisconsin VBC & Adversity Training Center (ATC) Umbrella! The training has once again proven successful with our 12-1 & 13-1 teams serving the competition off the court and placing top 3 in the majority of all their tourneys.


Future Development & Focus Areas will Include: block training, combination drills, line attacks & advanced serve-receive formations (just to name a few).  PST is just another added bonus for considering coaching or playing for Adversity-Wisconsin VBC!



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On Wednesday March 23rd, Willow Creek Daycare made it's 2nd Annual Spring Fieldtrip to our very own Adversity Training Center (ATC).  Five stations and almost 50 kids later, fun was had by all! The Pre-K through 5 year olds took part in parachute games, bean bag toss, obstacle courses, had snowball fights (with soft fleece yarn balls of course), played misquito tag, had shopping cart relays (which included sorting and counting), played hot potatoe & more!  The overall ojectives within the large motor activities were to have a:


B = Be respectful

A = Always Have Fun

L = Listen to Others

L = Line-Up 4 Centers


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