Our ever popular Summer Series sessions are now available (all 17 sessions have openings).  As we enter our 15th consecutive year, we have added some new concepts, new & returning coaches & are once again offering a boys-only session as well! Adversity Training Center (ATC) is located right off Highway 45 in the Falls/Germantown area. 




Excellent opportunities available for beginners to advanced players (boys and girls)!!!

For proven results, combine a twice a week indoor program with the Friday Positional Training

Contact Dave Pauers at coachpauers@gmail.com for suggestions on which sessions fit your needs best! 


Daycare1      Daycare2      Daycare3


On Wednesday March 23rd, Willow Creek Daycare made it's 2nd Annual Spring Fieldtrip to our very own Adversity Training Center (ATC).  Five stations and almost 50 kids later, fun was had by all! The Pre-K through 5 year olds took part in parachute games, bean bag toss, obstacle courses, had snowball fights (with soft fleece yarn balls of course), played misquito tag, had shopping cart relays (which included sorting and counting), played hot potatoe & more!  The overall ojectives within the large motor activities were to have a:


B = Be respectful

A = Always Have Fun

L = Listen to Others

L = Line-Up 4 Centers


***Click Here for more information, pricing and to book your fieldtrip today!


Powerade1     Powerade2     Powerade3


This years PoweAde Point Challenge & various scrimmage opportunities have already begun! Our older teams have scrimmaged in Appleton, Illinois & Waukesha; while the younger age groups teams have traveled to Oconomowoc, Waukesha & West Bend.   Our club also hosts teams to visit our new training center (ATC) on one of their off days to participate in 2-3-4 and even 5-Team scrimmages. 


Benefits of Participating in our very own Powerade Points Challenges include: Focusing on serve-receive and 3 contacts, increasing your team defense to win games, earning points as a team, preparing for live competition & developing athletes with character (a focus on winning, losing & sportsmanship). Score is always kept, whistles are always used and competition and fun is had by all! No parking fees, a new Gatorade machine and plenty of seating makes this experience enjoyable for the athletes, coaches, parents, family & friends!


For more information about our new training center (ATC) or to

schedule your scrimmage experience, contact Dave Pauers at 262-707-1003.


PST2               PST1

For years, parent feedback has suggested we increase the training at the younger ages to allow our athletes and their coaches the opportunity to develop skills & train using the specific drills and challenges that have proven successful with the 14 & Up teams (most concepts & philosophies tested time and time again against some of the top teams in the state).


For the 2015-2016 club season, we have implemented the 2nd Annual Progressive Skill Training (PST) under the Adversity-Wisconsin VBC & Adversity Training Center (ATC) Umbrella! The training has once again proven successful with our 12-1 & 13-1 teams serving the competition off the court and placing top 3 in the majority of all their tourneys.


Future Development & Focus Areas will Include: block training, combination drills, line attacks & advanced serve-receive formations (just to name a few).  PST is just another added bonus for considering coaching or playing for Adversity-Wisconsin VBC!




The Performance Enhancement Program (PEP) through Froedtert is included in the 14's-17's all inclusive club dues and this year results on paper and in the gym were nothing short of amazing! Highlights below:


  • Athlete's typically increased their vertical by a minimum of 1 inch
  • The majority of teams participated once a week for 12 weeks total
  • Every team took part December through March at the Watertown Plank location
  • These 12 sessions have proven to increase shoulder strength & prepare athlete's for competition


The skill training at our "NEW" Facility combined with PEP is a tough combination to beat! For more information on PEP, click here.  For more information on our new training facility, see the training centers tab to the left!  We look forward to seeing our teams progress as they prepare to play their best at AAU Nationals in Orlando, Florida in June !!!


We have had multiple area businesses that have been instrumental in supporting area athletes, our club and our very own training center (ATC)!  These generous groups have invested considerable amounts of time and/or resources to help

us get off the ground running. All contributions aid in the overall development of various instructional programs offered by Adversity-Wisconsin VBC.  We are honored to put these current sponsors in the SPOTLIGHT

Please visit the sponsor opportunities tab to the left to view our current sponsors!


For more information on how you can sponsor, please contact Dave Pauers at 262-707-1003 (email under staff bios).

All 6 Adversity-Wisconsin VBC teams opened up their seasons in true club fashion and posted the following finishes:


12-1 = 2nd in Gold (4-1 match record)

13-1 = 1st in Gold  (5-0 match record)

14-1 = 3rd in Gold  (3-2 match record)

15-1 = 1st in Gold   (5-0 Match record)

16-1 = 2nd in gold  (4-1 match record)

17-1 = 2nd in gold  (3-2 match record)


***Congrats! All your hard work & training is already proving successful!

***For more up-to-date info & team pics, visit: www.Facebook.com/AWVBC




• The 12's, 13's & 14's  Scorekeeping Clinic is this Sunday January 3rd 6-8:30pm (5:45 athletes / 7:45 parents).

• There is "no charge" for additional training for MEMBERS ONLY during our regular season December 1 - May 1.

Small Group & Private Lessons available for non-members and homeschool athletes (contact Coach Pauers).

• The centrally located Adversity Training Center is available to rent (call 262-707-1003 for availability and fees).

• Our Mini-Court Training Area is complete! Thanks to our sponsors for your continued support! 

• We will offer additional Adult Open Gyms in 2016 (contact us to be added to our email distribution list).

• Our Facebook page can be found by going to Facebook.com/AWVBC (check it out & "like" us).

• The ever-popular Summer Series Invites go out via email February 1st (if yours changes, let us know).

• Feel free to send us contact info as part of our Refer a Friend Program (some programs fill up faster than others).

• We recently switched to Gmail - email Dave Pauers directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to recieve info annually.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all junior volleyball players and their families - Have a Safe & Successful Season!


Your coaches put a great deal of time into preparing for each practice, but in extreme weather, safety comes first.  YOU decide what is best for your family, so travel to practices at your discretion. When poor driving conditions exist, please check here for any possible updates. Should the coaches decide to cancel practice, they will email you & post cancellations here prior to practice.  


Each year tournament directors tell us that they will never cancel a tournament due to extreme weather.  So on tournament days when severe weather conditions exist, plan ahead. Leave early and drive with extreme caution! Your safety is more important than the game itself!




Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Whether your a current member of Adversity-Wisconsin VBC, played with us in the past or are training elsewhere,  we wish all area juniors and their families a safe holiday filled with

love, joy, peace and happiness!  May your traveling season be safe and warm in the weeks ahead!



Congrats to our entire coaching staff on furthering their knowledge and working towards obtaining various levels of success (both on and off the court) when it comes to preparing to meet the needs of our club and the families we serve: 


MIN  = Dawn Koepke (IMPACT Certified)

12-1 = Duane Basterash (IMPACTCertified)

13-1 = Sara Voigt (CAP 1 & IMPACT Certified)

14-1 = Dave Pauers (Impact, CAP 1 & PCA Certified)

15-1 = Paul Jungbauer (IMPACT Certified)

16-1 = John Bronikowski (IMPACT Certified)

17-1 = Jon Mohr (IMPACT, MVI, NFHS & PCA Certified)



The Coaching Accreditation Program is an advanced training that involves a 2 day training both on and off court to develop advanced knowledge & experience in practice planning, drill development, coaching philosophies, communication, skill progressions, combination drills & evaluating statistics.


Increased Mastery & Professional Application of Coaching Theory is the basic certification required by the badger region which typical involves 3 hours of off-court (classroom) training in the areas of ethics, motor skill development, positive feedback, parent responsibilities, rules, practice planning, etc.


In addition, some of our coaches have a 3 hour training that we implement based on our staff, their experience and availability prior to try-outs.  Working with over 300 kids each summer also prepares a portion of of staff for the upcoming club season each year! We have an excellent staff that is dedicated to being the best they can be - congrats to all of them!



Congrats to our new & returning players on their "SUCCESS" at try-outs!  Our 7th annual try-outs saw some of the areas top talent by position in attendance for grades 6-12!  Thank You to all players and their families for supporting our process of obtaining the areas best talent while reducing pressure on the athletes, coaches and evaluators!


12-1 = Roster & Team is Now Complete

13-1 = Roster & Team is Now Complete

14-1 = Roster & Team is Now Complete

15-1 = Roster & Team is Now Complete

16-1 = Roster & Team is Now Complete

17-1 = Roster & Team is Now Complete



Best wishes to all those who participated on a fun & successful experience! Team rosters are being updated by the minute per the tab to the left (send us your jersey numbers and select Adversity-Wisconsin VBC in Webpoint upon accepting).