15's, 16's, 17's & 18's Tune-Ups Announced:

All tune-up opportunities have been posted under the tune-ups/try-outs tab to the left.  In addition, families are also taking advantage of our "NEW" facility by scheduling private lessons, small group sessions and position-specific clinics based around their schedules.  Contact Dave Pauers for more information.  We look forward to training you in the months ahead!



Position-Specific Try-Out Dates by Age:



15-1 = Nov 15-16-17

16-1 = Nov 15-16-18

17-1 = Nov 15-16-20

18-1 = Nov 15-16-19


Our Position-Specific try-out dates are listed above.  Times listed to the left under Tryouts.  Our Try-Out process is one of the area's best and truly allows your daughter to be evaluated by position and area of strength.  We typically have 2 court managers and 3-5 sets of eyes on each court during the entire process.


All try-outs will be held at our "NEW" training center in Germantown, Wisconsin.  For more information, including our address, directions and pictures, visit the training centers tab to the left.


  • This year's try-outs will be "Closed" due to our capacity restrictions and to alleviate pressure on these athletes. 
  • Parents should drop their daughter's off with all necessary paperwork and pick them up after try-outs are over. 
  • Athletes that "Earn" top honors each day within the try-out process will be asked to stay and invite their parents in.
  • Be prepared to discuss team strength, tournament schedules, practice dates, club dues, etc (research all clubs prior).
  • Athletes should be persistent and remain attending as many try-outs as it takes to earn a spot on our roster. 
  • If there are any overlaps with try-outs, prioritize on what is best for your daughter and consider putting us 1st. 
  • Best wishes to all during this year's try-out process.  Lets make it enjoyable for all!!!


Congrats to our new & returning players on their success at Try-Outs!  Our innagural try-outs (in our new training center) saw record numbers within all 3 age groups and also boasted some of the areas top talent by position!  Thank You to all players and their families for supporting our process of obtaining the areas best talent while reducing pressure on the athletes, coaches and evaluators!

14-1 = Roster & Team is Now Complete

13-1 = Roster & Team is Now Complete

12-1 = Roster & Team is Now Complete


Best wishes to all those who participated on a fun & successful experience! Team rosters are being updated by the minute per the tab to the left (send us your jersey numbers and select Adversity-Wisconsin VBC in Webpoint upon accepting).





Adversity-Wisconsin VBC proudly announces our very own training center! Located in Germantown, Wisconsin, this state-of-the-art facility boasts 2 very spacious courts with international lines, a 23 foot ceiling, Snap Sports Revolution flooring, Sports Imports professional net systems (used by the NCAA & Olympic Games), mini-court access for small group clinics and privates lessons, Molten Junior Olympic volleyballs, various training aids (such as setter volleyballs & therbands) and much, much more! Both courts are available to rent or lease!  


Team Training Days Now Posted - See "Training Centers" Tab!!!

Homeschool lessons now available (contact us to schedule).

• We have already begun offering Small Group & Private Lessons.

• Our Facebook Page is now available at Facebook.com/AWVBC

• The new centrally located Adversity Training Center is now open.

• Our Mini-Court is now available for position-specific repitition training

• The ever-popular Summer Series Sessions are underway and proving successful.

• Feel free to send us contact info as part of our Refer a Friend Program.

• February 1st all Summer Series invites go out via email (if yours changes, let us know).

• We recently switched to Gmail - email Dave Pauers to recieve info annually.


Congrats to our entire coaching staff on furthering their knowledge and working towards obtaining various levels of success (both on and off the court) when it comes to preparing to meet the needs of our club and the families we serve: 


12-1 = Amanda Hoffman (Obtaining Impact Certification)

13-1 = Sara Voigt (Impact & Cap 1 Certified)

14-1 = Dave Pauers (Impact & Cap 1 Certified)

15-1 = Aaron Lang (Obtaining Impact Certification)

16-1 = John Bornikowski (Impact Certified)

17-1 = Dan Rogutich (Impact & Cap 1 Certified)

18-1 = Jack Demski (Impact & Ref 4 Certified)


Increased Mastery & Professional Application of Coaching Theory is the basic certification required by the badger region which typical involves 3 hours of off-court (classroom) training in the areas of ethics, motor skill development, positive feedback, parent responsibilities, rules, practice planning, etc.


The Coaching Accreditation Program is an advanced training that involves a 2 day training both on and off court to develop advanced knowledge & experience in practice planning, drill development, coaching philosophies, communication, skill progressions, combination drills & evaluating statistics.


In addition, our coaches have a 3 hour training that we implement bi-annually based on our staff, their experience and availability prior to try-outs.  Working with over 300 kids each summer also prepares a portion of of staff for the upcoming club seaosn each year! We have an excellent staff that is dedicated to being the best they can be - congrats to all of them!



2014nationals14s3 Adversity-Wisconsin VBC teams recently participated in the AAU National Championships in Orlando, Florida.  On behalf of all the club, our coaches, the families and the athletes themselves, CONGRATS  to all 3 teams on your success 2014nationals16sand PEAKING at the right time!







        Team Results & Winning Records:

14's = 7-5 match record 69th out of 117 teams

15's = 9-4 match record 38th out of 125 teams

16's = 9-4 match record 56th out of 138 teams