Our ever-popular Summer Series programs & Position-Specific sessions are listed below.  We recently added an additional session for grades 6-8 on Monday's & Wednesday's from 7:45-9:45am.  Various sessions also allow boys to participate (thank you parents for all your great referrals).  Open enrollment/registration is available until all programs are filled.  There are plenty of excellent opportunities still available! 


Summer Series Programs (June 16 - July 31):

#1 ATC     Grades 3-5     Monday/Wednesday     7:45-9:45am (6th-8th now too!)

#2 ATC     Grades 6-8     Monday/Wednesday     10am-Noon

#3 CED     14 & Under    Monday/Wednesday     2:00-4:00pm

#4 ATC     Grades 9-12   Tuesday/Thursday        7:45-9:45am

#5 ATC     Grades 9-12   Tuesday/Thursday        10am-Noon

#6 CED     15 & Older     Tuesday/Thursday        2:00-4:00pm


Position Specific Fridays Only (June 13 - August 1):

#7 SUS     13's/14's/15's        Defense/Setting       7:45-9:45am

#8 SUS     13's/14's/15's        Attacking Only          10:00-12:00pm

#9 ATC     16's/17's/18's        Defense/Setting       7:45-9:45am

#10 ATC   16's/17's/18's        Attacking Only          10:00-12:00pm


ATC is our new indoor training facility in the Falls/Germantown area (opening in May/June).

CED is our outdoor sand program located in the Cedarburg/Jackson area (14th consecutive year).

SUS  is our outdoor sand program located in the Sussex/Falls area (for serious athletes only).


***To receive an "official" invite, forms & fees, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Homeschool lessons now available during the day (or at night).

• Contact us if interested in small group or Private Lessons.

• Our Facebook page is now available (see below for information).

• Securing a Training Facility and place to call home is on the horizon.

• Position-Specific training has begun in various Raquetball Courts.

• Summer Series Staff: Coach Rogutich, Pauers, Peterson & Phillips.

• Feel free to send us contact info as part of our Refer a Friend Program.

• Summer instructional program Invites go out in February via email.

• We recently switched to Gmail - update your info with us today.


Coach Pauers has finally ventured out of the 16th Century with his recent IPhone purchase, little did we all know this would be the start of something beautiful! A new form of advertising and communication has come to Adversity-Wisconsin VBC through social media. Yup! You read that correctly, we are now on Facebook and Twitter. Throughout the club seasons, summer camps, tournament camps, tuneups and more we will be posting updates, reminders and useful information for players, families and friends. Please help our club expansion by "liking" us on Facebook and/or "following" us on Twitter as well as spreading the word and sharing with as many people as you can!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AWVBC

Twitter: @AdversityWi

Congrats to our entire coaching staff on furthering their knowledge and obtaining various levels of success (both on and off the court) when it comes to preparing to meet the needs of our club and the families we serve: 


Ashley Duley  -  IMPACT & CAP 1 CERTIFIED

Dave Pauers   -  IMPACT & CAP 1 CERTIFIED

Kristi Jacobs  -   IMPACT & CAP 1 CERTIFIED

Dan Rogutich -  IMPACT & CAP 1 CERTIFIED

Jack Demski   -  IMPACT & REF 3 CERTIFIED


Increased Mastery & Professional Application of Coaching Theory is the basic certification required by the badger region which typical involves 3 hours of off-court (classroom) training in the areas of ethics, motor skill development, positive feedback, parent responsibilities, rules, practice planning, etc.


The Coaching Accreditation Program is an advanced training that involves a 2 day training both on and off court to develop advanced knowledge & experience in practice planning, drill development, coaching philosophies, communication, skill progressions, combination drills & evaluating statistics.


In addition, our coaches have a 3 hour training that we implement bi-annually based on our staff, their experience and availability prior to try-outs.  Working with over 300 kids each summer also prepares a portion of of staff for the upcoming club seaosn each year! We have an excellent staff that is dedicated to being the best they can be - congrats to all of them!