Character Development is important to us at Adversity-Wisconsin VBC. We want our players to represent the sport, their families and the club to the highest level.  How we carry ourselves and being responsible for our actions both on and off the court means something to us! Each coach tackles character building and team building in their own way but below are just some of the areas we address and the methods or opportunities we use to focus on those areas.


Appreciative & Thankful E-mail Activity
Community Support  Volunteering
Creativity & Sharing  Red Folder Activity
Encouragement  Try-Outs
 Expectations Official Contract
 Financial Committment Fundraising Opportunities
 Focus & Determination PowerAde Focus Areas
 Input & Ownership Therabands
Leadership Qualities     Team Captain Voting & Selection
Nutrition & Sharing  Coaches' Eating Rules
Parent Input & Ownership  Decision Making & Bids
Patience & Understanding  USAV & Regional Rule Changes
Pride & Confidence Appearance & Attitude
Providing Opportunities Open Gym
Responsibilities Setter Balls
Sportsmanship Scrimmages