Lexi Chopp is an experienced Marketing and PR professional and has been working with Adversity since late spring. She grew up in the area and is passionate about helping local youth organizations grow and serve the community, which made partnering with Adversity a natural fit.

Lexi graduated from Butler University with a degree in Strategic Communication. She enjoys spending time outdoors with family and friends, keeping up with Butler basketball, and sipping a hot cup of coffee to start off the day.

LeonHi there! I'm Leon Yu, owner of Dynamic Light Photography. Choosing a photographer is a very personal decision. Aside from the primary job of creating art, the most important aspect of photography is communication. I love working with people, especially listening to their vision for placing art in their homes. I would much rather have an in-person or phone conversation with you versus text or email. That's the best way to learn whether I'm the right photographer to carry out your vision for decorating your home and capturing your memories.


My photographic style is rooted in the technical aspects of lighting. I love enhancing natural light with studio strobes to create something special that can't be made with a smart phone, or even a DSLR with on-camera flash. I've been fascinated with photography and cameras since I was about six years old, but it wasn't until 2005 that I started using studio lighting techniques in my portrait photography. I immediately noticed an improvement in the quality of my work. My subjects' eyes came alive and I had much more control over the entire image. All of a sudden, I wasn't just "taking pictures," I was creating art! That revelation came more than a decade ago, and to this day I still marvel at what can be accomplished when one learns how to properly use light.

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