Additional Training Opportunities


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Please contact Coach Dave Pauers to see what program/location will benefit your daughter the most. At that time we will discuss the benefits of indoor vs. outdoor training. Our programs have stood the test of time with our Cedarburg Sand Program going on its 13th consecutive year! From a geographical perspective, we have implemented various programs in Brookfield, Cedarburg, Fox Point, Milwaukee & Slinger (our Friday position specific training will once again be in Sussex).


We offer a player to coach ratio during our summer instructional programs that does not exceed 10 players to 1 coach (typically we see an 8 to 1 or 9 to 1 ratio in the majority of our programs). Increasing the number of “quality” repetitions for all participants is the reason for our success! We also offer our athletes various opportunities to come early or stay late based on their individual goals for future participation in the sport (communicate with coaches if you are coming early or staying late so we can help set high, yet attainable goals)!



 Below is a list of the various opportunities we offer at

Adversity-Wisconsin VBC


Tune-Ups: These sessions are meant to enhance the skills for players trying out for various Junior Olympic Club teams within the state of Wisconsin. All sessions are held in October & November prior to club try-outs. Tune-Ups are just that – a way to tune-up players to better prepare them for club try-outs. Our schedule is always online by October 1st.


Private Lessons/Small Group Sessions: Increased reps, increased mastery, individual or small group settings tailored to your needs, position or future goals! Typically our small group have 4-6 kids per session. Our private lessons are for 1-2 players only! Possibilities are endless as we have access to various indoor facilities, outdoor sand courts everywhere along with ability to rent some local YMCA gymnasiums and/or space in their racquetball courts. Our pricing is based on the facility, numbers of athletes, time & location. Our prices are preferred over other “big name” clubs – ask around! Call or email to schedule your personalized training session today!


Summer Series: These 7 week instructional programs offer an approach to all skills within a competitive environment. Participants have the opportunity to move between court A & B on a daily and weekly basis. This evens out the playing field and allows for individual success based on a more even skilled grouping. Groups are typically picked based on age, grade, experience, position, club & school affiliation. Over the past 11 years our summer series programs have only increased in skill and competition levels (our 7 week instructional programs have some of the best athletes around)! Our numbers are based on your referrals – refer someone today!


Position-Specific Training: We also offer additional training during June & July on Friday’s on an outdoor sand court in Sussex for participants that want to train and focus on their position of choice. Most athletes pick up our Friday training in addition to the 7 week instructional programs. Although this is not required, the benefits of training in the sand have been documented everywhere! Our athletes increase their vertical, develop foot speed and gain the confidence needed to perform at a very high level – this is proven when we transfer indoors at the end of summer! Call or email for openings!


Invite-Only Tournament Camp: With over 10 years of successful camps and counting, our “invite-only” tournament camps are for the dedicated and serious players only! Kids are chosen or referred based on position, club affiliation, public or parochial school experience, coaching recommendations and by being observed within the game itself. A select number of girls are chosen to make up each 5 day weeklong camp which is once again being held at Mount Mary College. Contact Dave Pauers to get on the waiting list and to be considered for this amazing opportunity!


Coaching Clinics: Over the past 15 years we have implemented coaching clinics at St. Killian Hartford, St. John Lannon, St. Boniface Germantown, Lumen Christi Mequon, Christ King Milwaukee, Etc. Our clinics are geared towards achieving your individual, school and team needs. Our presentations are organized, professional and informative! Call to schedule yours today!


Team Prep for “The Seton” Tournament: Since 2009, we have been helping teams that receive their invite to this highly sought after tournament! We have worked with teams from St. Mary Menomonee Falls, Montessori School Milwaukee, St. Francis Borgia Cedarburg and others to better prepare coaches and teams for success! If your team or school receives and invite, call us to schedule your session today!