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As We enter our 18th year of summer series and 17th year of tournament camps, one thing is certain - skill development is leading the way! For 2019 we have two new outdoor sand program sites in Germantown & Sussex!  Boys are welcome to sign up for any of the COED summer series sessions or check out our Boys Only tournament camps!  All non-sand sessions are conveniently located at Adversity Training Center (ATC) right off Highway 45 in the Falls/Germantown area. All coaches are current Badger Region members & I.M.P.A.C.T. certified.


TO REGISTER: Click, Print, Sign & Send
TO REGISTER: Click, Print, Sign & Send
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Opportunities available for beginners to advanced players

For proven results, combine indoor & outdoor programs 3 days a week

Contact Rick Fischer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to find out which programs fit best

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                                  Dahlby                       Olson

                                       Robyn Olson 17-1                                     Elise Dahlby 15-2


As we enter our 10th consecutive year, we would like to extend a huge congrats & thank you on behalf of our club to all current and past practice players.


Congratulations on dedicating a portion of your time to improving your skills, supporting our club and your teammates, focusing on volleyball, listening to coaches, putting your belief in our programs as a priority in your life and sharing your enthusiasm with us!


Thank You for the countless memories & being you! Our club and teams are better because of you! 


***Check out all current & past practice players who are listed HERE.

***Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for practice player openings.

***For proven success, read this players' amazing testimonial.

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March is already proving to be another successful month in our quest to Develop Athletes with Character and improve our skills.  We are looking for a brave team or two that will contact the region about singing the national anthem at the Wisconsin Center.  This is a tradition we are very proud of and hope you will consider.  Below is a list of our teams and the levels they are competing at - See you there!


13-1 = Club Division

14-1 = Club Division

15-1 = Club Division

15-2 = Badger Division

16-1 = Club Division finishing 8th out of 32 teams

16-2 = Badger Division finishing with some competetive scores

17-1 = Open Division finishing 1st in silver


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to practice on site at the Wisconsin Center.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to add additional practice time at ATC.


Please contact your coaches about signing the national anthem (as a team).


Click here to see the pools, teams & schedule for all 4 divisions



The 1st ever dedication awards, showing 5 consecutive years of hustle, consistency and everything team are being handed out tonight during our fundraising event.  Alli Schwartz & MiKenna Sterr are the 1st recipients of this distinquished all club award.  Both girls started with Adversity-Wisconsin VBC on our 13-1 team and both have some really nice accomplishments which have not only propelled their teams to victory, but have put our club on the map!


#19 Alli Schwartz comes to us from Sussex Hamilton High School and has been the starting setter all 5 years.  Alli has been on our 1's team since inception and continues to serve up a mean floater at every venue her team competes at.  Finishing top 25 the last three years at AAU Nationals has been the result of hard work, dedication, putting in loads of extra time before and after practice as well as investing 2-3 days beyond the normal schedule.  Alli is also an excellent basketball player with loads of experience playing AAU & High school volleyball.  On top of this, her grades are also top notch.  We are all truly proud of what you have and continue to accomplish on and off the court!


#3 MiKenna Sterr attends West Bend East and is one versatile middle blocker.  Since 13-1's, MiKenna has crossed trained in all 3 front row spots, helps her team by serving up some amazing angle float serves and also adds in a very solid back row attack.  Adding All-American Honors at Nationals 2 years ago with a 5th place finish is also now on her resume! MiKenna is named after her dad Mike and we can all say we are truly proud of you! Thanks for always hosting the end of the year awards at the lakehouse too!


Our club believes in kids and Alli & MiKenna are no exception! For those that base success on wins and losses, both girls propelled their team to 3rd in open at President's Day 2017 and 6th in open the same year at the Badger Region Championships.  It has brought our coaches great joy seeing you both on the same team all 5 years, helping your teams and helping our club build a legacy! Seeing you both back on our 17-1 team & currently being undefeated in the 18 regional badger power league is one of the best feelings in the world! Continue to overcome the odds and prove 'em wrong!

Please join us at the Adversity Training Center (ATC) in Germantown, Wisconsin for our 3rd annual family & friends wine-tasting fundraiser.  Theme baskets, silent auction items, 50/50 raffles, temporary tatoos, facepainting, a braiding station, chocolate milk and a lemonade station for the kiddos & more!




Dinner provided by Texas Roadhouse, music provided by various IPhone & Pandora artists.  Bean bags, 6 wines from around the world, a sangria station & more! We will also announce our 1st ever Adversity-Wisconsin VBC 5 Year Award to 2 athletes that have earned those honors!  




Presidents Day 2019 is right around the corner and Adversity-Wisconsin VBC will be sending all 7 teams to participate at 3 different venues over the course of the 2 day event.  Our facebook page will also be updated with pictures, statistics and victories at  Our goal is 1,500 followers by February 18th, so please like us and share with your family, friends & followers.


Past accomplishments have been the result of:

  1. Athletes actively participating in all team training sessions (practices).
  2. Athletes attending our very own in-house performance & resistance training (IHPRT).
  3. Athletes & coaches dedicating themselves above and beyond the normally scheduled times.


See the attached flyer and remember success is not guaranteed - it's achieved through hard work, dedication, working as a team, etc.  The 48 hour rule is in effect as well.  This is a play to compete tournament and playing time is not guaranteed so please discuss as a family prior to participating.




This years minions instructional program is well underway and appears to be "a hit" by all involved.  A list of highlights by the numbers is shared below:


    New program t-shirt (designed by Elly in 3rd grade)

2     Openings still available (contact Rick Fischer to try it out)

3     Game weeks added this year (orange/black scrimmage & end of the year tourney)

   New coaches (please visit their bios to the left - all are I.M.P.A.C.T. certified)

   Pictures & updates (or more) on our facebook page at     





Congrats to Elise Dahlby from Germantown High School and our very own 15-2 team on your recent success on and off the court.  On the court, Elise helps her team compete in drills, win challenges and keeps the ball up during modified games.  Off the court, Elise has sung the national anthem at Carnegie Hall, the boys WIAA state tournament and is slated to perform at the January 25th Milwaukee Bucks Game.  We are all so proud of you and greatly appreciate your dedication to our club and to developing athletes with character (on and off the court). 




A huge Thank You to Jack Rivera & area adult volleyball players for hosting another successful reverse 4's coed tournament. The discounted facility rental allows the proceeds to benefit the Autism Speaks.


This year's event was held January 12th from 7pm until the winners were crowned at almost 2:00am. We are glad to help out where we can says club director Rick Fischer.  Contact 414-852-1861 to set up your event TODAY!


This Year's Winning Team
Jake Hinds
Jake Semrow
Kris Bova
Sonya Tesch